Code for Aotearoa is opening new ways for citizens to meaningfully contribute to public sector organisations 


This is done by welcoming tech professionals into public sector organisations, who can use tech sector tools and best practices to help build new solutions.

It is also an excellent chance for tech professionals to learn about civic sector constraints, opportunities, tools and best practices, and to serve the society they care about.

The first initiative has been to drop a pair of web developers into each of two public sector organisations - Wellington City Council and Land Information New Zealand. 

Each pair had three months to build something useful for their agency. 

The first month was to learn about the agency, discover opportunities and problems.

The second two months were to work with the organisations to develop useful tools.


Gabrielle and Pete prototyped a Civic Lab with Wellington City Council

Vaishnavi and Marcus developed an Open Data Toolkit with Land Information New Zealand





Find out what the Fellows are up to and ways you can get involved.


The Fellowship is a period of collaboration between civic-minded professionals and public agencies to find new ways to address old problems. Fellows will work to identify, publish and reuse government datasets and drive user-centred services.

two public AGENCIES

We've partnered with Land and Information New Zealand and Wellington City Council to accelerate their open data journey. This is just the beginning of a whole of government collaboration.



We promote openness in our work. All of our digital tools are open source and encourage data to be open by default. We actively encourage documentation, sharing, collaboration, and reuse of all of our tools, programmes, and processes.

Meet the Team

The Fellowship


The Fellowship programme is a period of service where civic-minded technologists partner with government agencies to explore what is possible.

If you’re a developer or data scientist who wants to make a difference in your community, then don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by,
— Land Information Minister Louise Upston

Code for All


Code for all was founded by Code for America four years ago. In this time, there's been more than 17 other Code for countries emerge. Our plan is to hand this over to someone in Aotearoa who will be interested in growing a community and partnering with government to make awesome work.