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Lab Ideas, grouped

  • [number of responses = unique ideas + votes] Name of group
  • [696] Total
  • [70] Want transport alternatives to cars
  • [46] Want genuine consultation before ideas have been proposed, actually be listened to
  • [45] Want action on homelessness
  • [32] Think nature and outdoor spaces make a successful city
  • [31] Care about improving the lives of children and youth
  • [26] Think that communities and caring for others makes a successful city
  • [25] Want environmental action
  • [24] Appreciate and want more art
  • [20] Made general comments on voting in local elections
  • [20] Thought that events are an important part of a successful city
  • [17] Thought that diversity is important to a successful city
  • [17] Saw a need for civics education

The groups above here count for over half of the responses. 

These are beautiful and genuine messages. 

  • [16] Made negative comments about councillors
  • [15] Wanted action on affordable housing
  • [15] Thought that happy and nice people make a successful city
  • [15] Love libraries
  • [14] Saw job opportunities as an important part of a successful city
  • [14] Gave value based responses to what makes a successful city
  • [13] Made suggestions for improving student quality of life
  • [12] Had suggestions for libraries
  • [11] Gave reasons why they didn't vote
  • [10] Had varied opinions about the airport
  • [10] Focussed on safety
  • [9] Wanted more, better and cheaper council housing
  • [9] Particularly liked the civic lab
  • [7] Wanted lower rates
  • [7] Wanted better car and motorbike facilities
  • [6] Wanted online voting
  • [5] Supported shops and local businesses
  • [5] Had concerns around council spending
  • [4] Were concerned that central government prevented from functioning by central government
  • [4] Wanted living wage for council employees
  • [4] Praised WCC
  • [4] Made responses not relevant to council
  • [4] Had suggestions about pools
  • [3] Wanted to keep trolley busses
  • [3] Wanted accessible community spaces
  • [3] Want communal building facilities
  • [3] Thought lots of people made a successful city
  • [3] Gave reasons why they did vote
  • [39] UNGROUPED: had various specific suggestions
  • [37] UNGROUPED: had various individual ideas
  • [19] UNGROUPED: made responses lost through lost context

People do care about bigger picture things.

We had some good feedback:

“keep up your resilience and positivity knowing this is a really important project. I hope you can run it for an long as possible to gain as many views from Wellingtonians as is possible” - Email from Lab participant.

The average rating of the lab was 4.1 out of 5 stars = 82%


Value of data for Council

We engaged a large age range, with a spike in the age range council normally has difficulty engaging with

Our sample, though small, highlighted some key areas the public really care about. These concerns should be part of the decision making around project choice, and the communication about the projects.


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Google Sheets Civic Lab Demographic data

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